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The primary goal of the WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WATER POLLUTION CONTROL ASSOCIATION, INC. is the advancement of knowledge in areas of design, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of sewage and industrial waste treatment works. Through meetings, tours, seminars, and other training activities, as well as the personal exchange of knowledge and experience among the members, it is possible to achieve our purpose. To further unify these efforts, the WESTERN SECTION is affiliated with the PENNSYLVANIA WATER ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATION and the WATER ENVIRONMENT FEDERATION

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Below are the Collection System Safety and Facilities Safety application forms for 2019.

If you are a manager and don’t have time to fill out the questionnaire yourself, delegate it to someone else. Filling out the questionnaire each year is a great way to review your safety program and in the process, if you find a way to improve safety for your workforce, you’re already a winner. Remember, the goal of this awards program is to make the workplace safer for our members, winning awards is secondary. WWTPs and collection systems are very hazardous workplaces so a lot of attention should be given to safety. Use this questionnaire as an annual safety review of your operation.

As in previous years, WPWPCA will be presenting awards to those facilities and collection systems that have demonstrated that safety is an important part of their operation. One award will be presented to a collection system that is operated either independently or in conjunction with a treatment facility. Two additional awards will be bestowed to treatment plant facilities; one for small facilities with 8 or fewer employees and the other for larger plants with 9 or more employees.

The questionnaire has been tweaked to allow for a better means of comparing training hours. Rather than just listing training as “tailgate” or formal, the question has been changed to account for the actual hours of each type of training. In that way, a seven hour training session is given much greater weight than a one hour session.

The rules of the competition are as follows:

1. Dates covered are from January 1 through December 31 of the previous year. (2018)
2. The deadline for the receipt of the completed questionnaire is July 31st, 2019.
3. To be eligible the operation must be physically located within the Western Section and must employ at least one Western Section member.
4. Only one submission per operation will be considered, although both a facility and collection award can be submitted. The questionnaire(s) should be prepared by the person responsible for the safety committee, or by his or her delegate.
5. The information contained on the completed questionnaire must be verifiable upon a physical inspection by members of the WPWPCA Safety Committee.
6. An operation cannot win the same award twice in a three year period, unless the response is very low and the operation is exceptional. However the application is still eligible for the PWEA award.
7. One award will be presented to a Collection System. Two awards will be presented to Treatment Plant Facilities; one in each class.
8. Honorable Mention Awards will be made only to very close runners-up.

No facility or collection system can win the Section award more than once in a three year period. This will keep the same facilities from winning the award year after year and allow other exceptional safety programs to be recognized. For those of you that won during the last three years, it is still important for you to return your applications because you may still be eligible for state  & national awards.

The Safety Award Questionnaires are below. Please note that there are two different Questionnaires - one for Collection Systems and one for Treatment Plant Facilities. If you have both and can designate specific personnel and safety training to each operation, you may complete both questionnaires.

It is hoped that through friendly competition of this kind, we can help each other to improve our individual safety programs. But this can only be accomplished with your co-operation. By taking the time to complete the questionnaire, you may win and thereby receive the recognition that your safety program truly deserves. But more importantly, completing the questionnaire forces you to review your own safety program and that already makes your operation a winner.

Thanks for your anticipated participation in the Western Section Safety Award Competition and GOOD LUCK!!!

Click here to download the application for Collection Systems

Click here to download the application for Facilities

Click here to download the Safety Questionnaire letter


Activities of the WESTERN SECTION are administered by the Executive Board, consisting of the Officers, Past President, and the Chairpersons of both the Membership and Program Committees. Appointments to the various committees are made from the membership. Any member who wishes to be considered for committee appointment is encouraged to notify the Executive Board.